Psycho-electronica-nothing to do with the other Donna

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Donna Summer And Ove-Naxx – Donna Summer Vs

One suspects that Brooklynite Jason Forrest chose the pseudonym Donna Summer to cause as much trouble and confusion as possible. His six tracks on this heroically noisy split album are virtuoso plunderphonica, where myriad samples are squished to oblivion. Summer’s hyperactivity has an obvious parallel with Kid 606, but his party trick is to sling florid ’70s guitar solos into the hard disc grinder. It’s tremendous stuff, which slightly overshadows the pieces by Ove-Naxx (aka Tokyo splattercore aficionado Isao Sano). Naxx is an avant-junglist in the vein of DJ Scud, but it’s a measure of Summer’s multifarious brutality that, in this company, he sounds relatively staid.