Sometime Queen Of The Stone Age Josh Homme indulges extracurricular interests, with PJ Harvey and others

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Desert Sessions 9 & 10 – I See You Hearin Me

The latest in a series, this is obviously a mixed bag?a whole bunch of ideas (songs, instrumentals, doodles) that don’t quite fit into Queens Of The Stone Age. Opener “Dead In Love” is magnificent: a pitch-black, precipitous, headlong lurch. The JJ Cale-ish chug of “I Wanna Make It Wit Chu” is also diverting, but too much here feels jokey (the frantic metal eruption of “Covered In Punks Blood”, say) or half realised?not least the multiple PJ Harvey guest spots, which suffer from her tendency to wail and moan rather than attempt to craft a proper, grown-up song. Ironically, the best tracks are those that are closest to Queens Of The Stone Age territory, particularly “Dead In Love” and the furiously addictive “Something In My Head”.