Dedicated techno head delves into death disco on his second LP

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Dave Clarke – Devil’s Advocate

For those unaware of DJ Dave Clarke as a purveyor of anything other than punishing, four-to-the-floor techno, Devil’s Advocate may be something of an ear-opener. His aptly-titled second album sees him steering away from the hip hop which infiltrated his debut and digging deep into the moodiest electro and bass-boosted post-punk. With guests such as Chicago house champ DJ Rush on board, alongside Berlin electroclash queens Chicks On Speed (see p 141) and underground hip hopper Mr Lif, Clarke tears up Bauhaus on his version of “She’s In Parties” (with vocals from COS) and imagines Yello as demented techsteppers on “The Wolf”, offering a dark and attitudinal joyride through the heavier end of electro-funk.