Dreamy lo-fi duo deliver diaphanous career-best

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Broken Dog – Harmonia

One suspects, frankly, that fans of the diffident lower-case furrow ploughed by introspective boy-girl combos ever since Fraser and Guthrie first sculpted with powdered sugar and Hope Sandoval whipped her minions to attention will happily buy this noise by the filmy yard. Londoners Clive Painter (honeyed guitars) and Martine Roberts (breathily sotto voce) have always met audience expectations, but their fifth outing as Broken Dog sees them surpass their dreamy brief with shy aplomb, undercutting lassitude with uneasiniess (“I’ll Think Of It Today”), icy starlight with scratchy dissonance (“Alone With A Pounding Heart”) and, in the full-blooded swell of “Waiting For Something Big”, a glorious glimpse of May sunshine through those wistful, wintry skies.