Luna spin-off go Lee'n'Nancy or Serge'n'Jane

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Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham – L’Avventura

If?as you should be?you’re in love with Luna, who since departing the mothership Galaxie 500 in 1992 have often made the same sleek, sexy, cerebral record, only better each time, you’ll come over all swoonalicious to this subtly sparkling spin-off. Overachieving couple Wareham (voice that, without trying too hard, conveys every emotion half-understood by man; guitar) and Phillips (voice, bass, was once too cool to be a full-on movie star) sing, together and separately, new (very Luna-esque) love songs and interpretations of oddities from The Doors’ “Indian Summer” to Madonna’s “I Deserve It”, from Buffy Sainte-Marie to Opal. You might consider this all very pleasant if inconsequential, but the God’s God of producers, Tony Visconti (for it is he), sprinkles extra stardust on every sigh, turning the bluebirds of their cooing yet knowing happiness into long-legged flamingos who know what a mirror’s for. Honestly, special.