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Bogdan Raczynski – Renegade Platinum Mega Dance Attack Party: Don The Plates

Very frisky, this one, being mainly deviant, hyperactive electronica that makes most of Raczynski’s contemporaries on Rephlex sound sedate. As with most of his albums, Renegade Platinum… is distinguished by a punk spirit which compels him to enjoyably screw up his most accessible tunes with either splattery noise breaks or cheesy nursery melodies. As usual, too, there’s a frightening intensity that underpins all the pranks and old-school rave references?it’s worth remembering that Raczynski’s last LP, Myloveilove, was a series of lo-fi confessionals. Renegade Platinum… is less appealing, but the apparent desire to add emotional valency to a haywire musical form makes it more subversive.