UK pedal-steel veteran gorges on electro-exotica

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BJ Cole – Trouble In Paradise

Of Cole’s myriad career collaborators-Bolan, Cale and Beck among them-Luke Vibert may just be the most rewarding. Eager to repeat the chemistry of 2000’s wonderful Stop The Panic, Vibert features here on the unlikely house-groove bluegrass of “Surf Acid Hoedown”, along with a host of similarly enticed electrobods: Bent, Groove Armada, Kumo, Alabama 3, Brian Eno. The result is a kind of fidgety South Pacific Social of ’70s cop show paranoia (“Alert The Sax Police”), guitar-funk breakbeats (“The Interloper”) and, on album standout “Milkshake Roadmap”, the most irresistible head-pulse since Underworld’s “Jumbo”.