Not the perky Scots foursome but the lovelorn Scots singer, once of criminally overlooked Suede labelmates Goya Dress

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Astrid Williamson has a deliriously half-awake crease in her voice, and the ability to vault effortlessly from woody, resonant low notes into an often heart-stoppingly delicate high range. The album she made with her band Goya Dress?produced by John Cale, no less?was an overlooked trove of dark, subversive and gloriously adult pop music. Indeed, single “Glorious” (about, among other things, giving head) should have been a hit of some sort. The solo debut that followed had its moments, but was very much the sound of an artist unsure of what her label wanted from her. Now, oddly, despite setting up on her own, she seems to have forgotten herself: these new songs?bland, lyrically banal?wouldn’t be out of place on a Dido album. There’s a market there, for sure?but little magic. A shame.