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Arp – In Light

Despite ‘In Light’ being almost entirely composed of puffy, slightly out of focus analogue modules, Arp’s [b]Alexis Georgopolous[/b] would like you to know he does not now, nor will he ever in perpetuity, own an ARP synthesizer – the traditional tool for such creations. Nevertheless, it’s perpetuity that these slow ambient tracks are aimed at.

“St Tropez” and “Potentialities” suggest a huge, arching, permanent structure, like a camera pan over the Golden Gate Bridge in Georgopolous’s San Francisco hometown; the murmuring piano on “The Rising Sun” recalls [b]Cluster & Eno[/b]’s or Harmonia; and his “Odyssey” for doomed Dutch performance artist [b]Bas Jan Ader[/b] is an appropriately dignified fractal fanfare.