Better-than-expected debut from All Saints sisters

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Appleton – Everything’s Eventual

Natalie and Nicole Appleton’s ‘solo’ debut sees them trying out many styles. Not all of it works (the listless rock of “Fantasy”, the bland ballad “Don’t Worry”), but tracks like “5 am” and “All Grown Up” are imaginatively produced and exude autumnal poignancy. The epic “Ring-A-Ding-Ding”, with its Eastern string flourishes, could pass as a pop flipside to the desperation of Massive Attack’s “Antistar”. And on the brilliant “Hallelujah” (Sakamoto does Chic’s “At Last I Am Free”) and the Beverley Sisters-on-acid wig-out of “MWA”, the Appletons brush their palms with genius. Keep an eye on them?they could be more than 3am Girls fodder.