Round-up of Felix Da Housecat's prodigious '90s electro-disco productions

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Aphrohead – Thee Underground Made Me Do It

Back in 2001, Chicago house don Felix Da Housecat fashioned electroclash signature tune “Silver Screen Shower Scene”, and marked year zero for the new wave of synthpoppers. But he was already laying the foundations with tracks he released as Aphrohead in the ’90s, collected here. This stuff alternates brilliantly between the cool ’80s-infused electro he’s famous for (“Days Of The Phuture ’96”), and glitzier, funkier Daft Punk-esque filter house (“Kazoo”, “Cry Baby”). Despite the fact he’s often paying homage to club heroes (Jamie Principle on the title track, the acid pioneers on “Tri-Beka”) on records which are almost 10 years old, it all still sounds fresh and filthy.