Big Star man's missing 70s years

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Alex Chilton

Unless you’ve got dusty 45s of “Bangkok”, his classic cover of The Seeds’ “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine” or his masochistic “Take Me Home & Make Me Like It” in your Chilton collection, you need Lost Decade. Add the post-Box Tops experiments with blue-eyed soul and Star-struck rock chic of “Free Again” or “Just To See You” and this double set becomes compulsory listening. Alex as producer surfaces in Memphis recordings of local acts Sugar Blues, Larry Davis and Scott Adams, his stablemates at Ardent. And the live Belgian set is further confirmation that he’s hung up forever on New Orleans R&B with covers of Ernie K Doe and Chris Kenner. Big Star’s “In The Street” gets an airing, but expect more of Chilton’s soul trip when that new BS album surfaces soon.