Delicious debut album for rainy days and Mondays

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A Girl Called Eddy

Eddy is Erin Moran, from Greenwich Village via New Jersey, who flew to Sheffield to record this with Richard Hawley producing (and his Lowedges band backing) because “the rain suited the mood of the songs”. Not just another wordy nerd or feisty fronter, Moran exhibits gorgeously gauged soul and shrewdness on a record that?and we don’t say this lightly?sounds like a new Karen Carpenter album. While the deft dolour of Cowboy Junkies or the archest filters through “Tears All Over Town” or “Somebody Hurt You”, her low voice and lyrical longing elevate “Girls Can Really Tear You Up Inside” and “People Used To Dream About The Future” into Hal David-writes-for-Orbison classics. Better yet, “Golden” is a “Goodbye To Love” for this millennium.