That'll be Kristin Hersh, rocking, quite literally, like a mother...

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50 Foot Wave

…in the company of Throwing Muses bassist Bernard Georges and drummer Rob Ahlers. Just to throw us off the scent of last year’s Muses reunion comes a mini album of the most visceral, convincing and goddamn rockingest rock songs Hersh has written for years. She sounds reborn. These six songs put virtually everything released by the vanguard of the so-called New Rock Revolution (not to mention the whiney new Courtney Love album and, it has to be said, the last three Muses records) to shame. A brutal, buzzing blizzard of vicious riffage with Hersh’s gorgeous blasted rasp at its centre, 50 Foot Wave is an entirely thrilling, utterly unexpected blast out of the blue.