Belated CD release of 2001 Internet-only 'comeback' album

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“Excuse me while I go insane,” pleads D’Arby on “Drivin’ Me Crazy”, but sadly he hasn’t gone insane here?TTD was always at his best when he gave free rein to his manias. He may now call himself Sananda Maitreya, but the name D’Arby is printed large on the cover, indicating a crisis of confidence.

There are infuriatingly large numbers of interesting ideas on this album, particularly on tracks like “Girl” and “My Dark Places” which touch on idyllic avant-psychedelia, but repeatedly his rasping ‘soul’ voice brings the project crashing back to earth. “O Divina” and the Bond-like “Shadows” may be potential hit singles, but what the album really needs is a Trevor Horn or a Neptune to elevate D’Arby beyond the status of Prince-lite to the realms of the satisfyingly peculiar or truly strange.