Banshees no more, the fourth Creatures album finds Siouxsie and inamorata Budgie turning Japanese

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The Creatures project always gave Budgie a chance to shine and this, based on a fearsomely powerful session he shared with Taiko drum master Leonard Eto, is no exception. He dominates the opening part of the album with his savage beats, Siouxsie relegated to the odd “Yeah!” and “Hai!” Thankfully, they’re careful not to enter Cozy Powell territory, and soon they’re blending traditional Japanese instrumentation with minimalist industrial atmospheres to create the breathy erotica of “Tourniquet”, the spectral, fatalistic “Further Nearer” and the twee, purposefully comic “Godzilla”. It certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of green tea, but Budgie is outstanding here, with Siouxsie occasionally matching him.