1989 box set rejigged again

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Leaving aside for a moment the issue of who buys these itty-bitty anthologies, Sound + Vision can’t be faulted for its dragnet sweep of the Bowie oeuvre. Wedged between Gurney Slade singalongs like “London Bye Ta-Ta”and the previously unreleased Jack Dangers remix of “Pallas Athena” you get the drama-queen juvenilia of Ziggy, the doom-harbinger histrionics of Diamond Dogs, the most innovative pop star on the planet’s golden years, spanning 1974-79 (complete with Plastic Soul and Thin White Duke outtakes), the orange complexion years, the Normal Bloke with Tin Machine years and the ‘Don’t I look like Gary Oldman?’ dotage. There’s also a decent sprinkling of rarities, including two tracks from the hard-to-find Baal EP and Marc Bolan’s lovely Beard Of Stars-era guitar on “The Prettiest Star”. But can it be long before we get Bowie: The Best Of The Box Set Years?