Bowie guitar god blossoms with help from famous buddies

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Perhaps never given the proper credit for his awesome work on Young Americans and Station To Station (not to mention with Lennon and Jagger), Slick has called back a few favours for his first solo album in 12 years. And far from a middling vanity project, it’s taut and tasteful. Bowie’s quick to turn up, hollering the enchanting “Isn’t It Evening (The Revolutionary)” with cool conviction and a daft title. It could easily be a Heathen outtake. The Cure’s Robert Smith shrieks through “Believe”, Spacehog’s Royston Langdon forgets Liv Tyler long enough to warble the title track with comic Bowie-ness, and Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott is, um, here. Sweetest surprise is Martha Davis, once of The Motels, eulogising the East Village on “St Mark’s Place”. Slick by name…