One-stop round-up of the B-sides to the singles extracted from Hail To The Thief

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No space to go into the wisdom and merit of Radiohead’s odyssey into the oblique. Good luck to ’em anyway. It’s their career, their prerogative. My job, however, is to wonder out loud if their born-again fugging-about is as thrilling as the place they were headed some years back. Hail To The Thief was trailed as their big tuneful return to popular music. They were just kidding us, and themselves. It was nothing of the sort. These B-sides, meanwhile, have, like the A-sides, grace, brains and atmosphere aplenty but are also, like the A-sides, often self-conscious to the point of inertia. Four Tet’s remix of “Scatterbrain” shakes some booty, however, and “Gagging Order” and “Fog” are tantalising sketches for something gorgeous. That’s enough boffin-rock, mumbling and melodic cul-de-sacs, guys. Let’s do awesome beauty again, eh?