Darkness Falls

Bleak second outing for Mercury/Brit-nominated songsmith

Adaptation – Source

New Yorker Carter Burwell scored Velvet Goldmine, which would be a coincidence (see above) if I didn't diligently plan these things ahead. He's also done most of the Coens' movies…

Retro Grades

Nostalgia overload for the School Disco crowd

Villa Des Roses

Belgian director Frank Van Passel's handsome Euro-pudding adaptation of a novel by Flemish writer Willem Elsschot evokes bohemian, early 20th-century Paris with sepia-toned style—think Moulin Rouge meets Delicatessen. Sadly, a…

This Month In Soundtracks

Todd Haynes is a film-maker you're never quite sure whether to champion. In the past, when he's won accolades, it's been for something boring and indulgent, like Safe, which moved…

Their first two EPs on CD, at last

East Goes West

Analytical US-style remake of slow-burning Japanese chiller

Strange Daze

Quirky, trippy rom-com from Magnolia/Boogie Nights director