Deleyaman – 00

Multi-ethnic mixture of religious, film and dance music by post-punks

Old Jack Swings

Superb, moving road movie with Nicholson on brilliant form


Thomas Vinterberg christened the Dogme genre with immense style in this 1998 Danish classic with edgy docu-drama camerawork and grainy digital video helping to supercharge a time-honoured narrative progression from…

Frankie & Johnny

Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer are the short order cook and waitress in a New York diner in Garry Marshall's romantic drama. The stars ensure that it's at least watchable,…

Holy Smokes

Two helpings of previously unreleased material from the leading political comedian of his generation

I’m Alan Partridge

More personal than Knowing Me, Knowing You and sharper than the series just broadcast, this masterfully observed, grotesquely populated comedy is to the '90s what Fawlty Towers was to the…

Shots In The Dark

Clint Eastwood's classic final word on the western genre