Bent – The Everlasting Blink

Now wealthy enough to not fall foul of record company lawyers (unpaid for Nana Mouskouri samples resulted in tracks being pulled from their 2000 debut Programmed To Love), The Everlasting…

Fred Frith

Re-releases of solo outings by prodigious ex-Henry Cow guitarist

Show Me The Money

Two CDs of remixes from the eternally bloody-minded Richard D James

TV Sinners

Schrader returns with lusty temptations of small-screen chancer


Set at the death of the samurai age, Japanese master Nagisa Oshima's first feature in 13 years charts the disruption of a militia barracks by the arrival of Ryuhei Matsuda's…

A Star Is Born—Special Edition

It's not hard to see why the second version of Hollywood's infamous morality tale of the tortured love between a rising starlet (Judy Garland in her best role outside of…