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Il Generale / dj kote giacalone

Lil’ Kim – La Bella Mafia

Rapper-turned-actress hams her way through third album

The Last Great Wilderness

Meaty debut from Tartan Tarantino

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Bands – Railroadism: Live In The USA 72-81

Companion piece to last year's live-in-the-UK comp. Includes San Francisco's 1966 add-on "Avalon Blues"

Henry—Portrait Of A Serial Killer

Sleazy, nihilistic classic returns uncut

All About Lily Chou-Chou

A terrific Japanese rites-of-passage drama shot Dogme-style on digital cameras, this puts a fresh twist on the timeless themes of alienation, dislocation and teenage angst. Shunji Iwai's impressionistic, cutting-edge ensemble drama weaves together the lives of several emotionally wounded Tokyo teens united by their blank worship of a distant pop idol, Lily Chou-Chou. Pretentious, but still a punky new voice in Japanese cinema.

The Day The Earth Stood Still – Varese Sarabande

Bernard Herrmann. To any soundtrack devotee the name's sacred. From Psycho to Taxi Driver, his music made good movies great and great movies greater. Here he even caused a rubbish film to linger in the collective memory. Flying saucers and robots were '50s cinema staples, spawned by a real public fear of science (in the aftermath of the atomic bomb). Robert Wise's 1951 sci-fi message movie (war is bad) would today look more hilarious than it does were it not for Herrmann's tonal and symmetrical score. Conducted by Joel McNeely, here it's been recorded in digital sound for the first time.

To Kill A King

Dubious English Civil War saga

Nashville West – Clarence White

Two essential seminars from country-rock school of midwifery, the latter including a clutch of unreleased obscurities

Fine Arts Militia Feat. Chuck D – We Are Gathered Here

Hip hop heavyweight turns stand-up beat poet

Abigail Hopkins – Smile Road

Jazzy debut from Anthony Hopkins' girl

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