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Il Generale / dj kote giacalone

Will Sergeant – Weird As Fish

Bunnymen guitarist's experimental 1978 demo

Brian Wilson—On Tour – The Beach Boys—Live At Knebworth 1980

Knebworth 1980 is the last time all six Beach Boys appeared together in the UK. Brian is now a zombie, and Dennis is a mess. Nice harmonies, though, and the songs aren't bad, either. On Tour is riveting. Cameras track a content 21st-century Wilson on stage and off. Carol Kaye, Pet Sounds bassist, insists he "still has the power to do something mind-blowing" before he performs a new song that is, indeed, mind-blowing.

Lyle Lovett – Smile

Tenth album from actor, singer and one-time Mr Julia Roberts

Supersilent – Supersilent 6

Enigmatic Norwegian improvisational collective

Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead

Tom Stoppard directs this 1990 screen version of his ingenious 1967 play about two supporting characters from Hamlet. Stoppard opens up the play's theatrical setting well, and his brilliant dialogue remains intact. Sadly, the two leads—Oldman and Roth—are uninspiring.

Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia – My Elixir: My Poison

Second time around for intense Oxfordshire post-rock quartet

Bill Monroe – Gotta Travel On:An Introduction To Bill Monroe And The Bluegrass Boys

Kentucky legend's Decca years in a bite-sized chunk

Will Penny

Magisterial, tough-hearted 1967 western from writer/director Tom Gries. Charlton Heston is a revelation as the eponymous ageing cowhand, a lonesome, unemployed illiterate, bushwhacked by deranged preacher Donald Pleasence and his boys. While recovering, he encounters Joan Hackett, who, although travelling through the wilderness to join her husband, offers the chance of a life he's never known.

Pillows & Prayers – Cherry Red

Shoehorned onto this page because there's now a parallel DVD, which means this compilation of Volumes 1 and 2 (Cherry Red 1982-84) counts as a soundtrack, okay? The label's reissue of its golden age revels in the courage to be slightly twee. It's the sound of Englishness, only without the mindless violence. Art-rockers like Monochrome Set and Fantastic Something stand up well, having first politely checked that nobody minds if they do. Morgan Fisher's version of "Un Homme Et Une Femme" shrugs coolly, while Felt's "Penelope Tree" carries a torch for Television.

King Of Woolworths – L’Illustration Musicale

Sophomore release from Manc Moogster reveals new-found maturity

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