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Il Generale / dj kote giacalone

Various Artists – War Child:Hope

Exclusive donations from the great and the good on behalf of Iraq's children

Tortilla Soup

Maria Ripoll's handsome 2001 remake of Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman is anchored by the highly watchable Hector Elizondo as the widowed kitchen maestro with three wayward daughters and a frisky neighbour (Raquel Welch) who clearly wants to turn him into a naked chef. The plot has been sweetened a little, but the performances are fine and the photography sumptuous.

Rilo Kiley – The Execution Of All Things

Uber-twee quartet who once sold songs to Dawson's Creek join Saddle Creek for second album

The James Taylor Quartet – The Oscillator

Distorted Hammond freak-outs from band for whom term "acid jazz" was coined

The Third Man – Silva Screen

When we speak of Anton Karas' score to Carol Reed's 1949 classic of dodgy penicillin and cuckoo clocks, we speak of the zither. Most of us couldn't describe a zither if the lives of the Swiss nation depended on it, but the Harry Lime theme is nonchalance personified. Karas—the chap with the zither—was discovered by Reed playing in a Viennese tavern and had no experience, but proved to be an inspired choice.

Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steve Stills – Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield

Blues-rock "Super Session" plus newly-discovered Fillmore East tapes

Various Artists – Wild Dub: Dread Meets Punk Rocker

Essential chronicle of 1977-81 punk-dub soundclash

Ichi The Killer

Appallingly violent vigilante satire from Audition's Takashi Miike. The opening scenes, with the film's title spelt out in semen and the head baddie puffing smoke through his slashed-open cheeks, promise OTT entertainment. But as the plot unfolds, only the strongest stomach will handle the scenes of torture, mutilation and rape between the black laughs.


Sam (Jonathan Pryce) dreams of love and escape from his clerical job in a monolithic bureaucracy, but finds himself sucked ever deeper into a Kafkaesque nightmare. Michael Palin and Robert De Niro play brilliantly against type, while Terry Gilliam's dystopian vision broke the mould. Dazzling, disturbing, darkly comic and downright essential.

Maximilian Hecker – Rose

German romanticism reborn on former busker's second album

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