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Il Generale / dj kote giacalone

Clarkesville – The Half Chapter

New kid from Walsall puts fresh leather on troubadour boot

Keep It In The Family

Narrative 10-song cycle about a fictional clan is Young's best work in a while

Silver Dream Racer

David Essex and his cheeky grin may have starred in two of the '70s' great British rock'n'roll fantasy movies, That'll Be The Day and Stardust, but he came a cropper in this 1980 motorbiking mess. Champion racers macho it out—it's clichéd, lazy and sexist. Then again, how many movies star Essex, Beau Bridges and Harry H Corbett?

The Robert Cray Band – Time Will Tell

Journeyman blues veteran discovers conscience and musical diversity on 13th album

Basil Kirchin – Quantum

Long-lost experiment with, yes, our perceptions of sound

The Broken Family Band – Cold Water Songs

First full-lengther from genre-hopping Cambridge quartet

Nashville Dreams

Ultra-obscure '70s country music doc resurfaces

Killing Joke

Apocalyptic comeback from post-punk doom lords featuring Foo Fighter Dave Grohl on drums

The Killer Elite

Handsome widescreen digital transfer for one of Sam Peckinpah's most underestimated films, 1975's angrily prescient satire on corporate America, whose ultra-cool surface belies the roiling fury at its bleak and bitter heart. James Caan and Robert Duvall are cynical operatives for a San Francisco-based intelligence agency, doing jobs too dirty even for the CIA. Early on, Caan is crippled by gunfire in a bloody double-cross and 'retired' from the company.

The Essential Nino Rota – Silva Screen

Glamour, guts and surrealism. Nino Rota, who died in '79, won Oscars for his haunting Godfather scores, but his greatest collaborations were with his compatriot Fellini. Films such as La Dolce Vita, 8½, Roma, Amarcord and La Strada were among the highlights of their three decades of artistic alliance. Few if any have merged imagery and music to such effect: you could argue that Fellini's idiosyncrasies were such that Rota's job was hardest of all. The Prague Philharmonic here whistle through his warm, sure work.

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