Wild Beasts' Two Dancers: The Uncut Review!

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*ALBUM REVIEW: WILD BEASTS - TWO DANCERS - 4* Tally-ho! From the Lake District, it’s this year’s new Smiths.

*ALBUM REVIEW: IAN HUNTER - MAN OVERBOARD 4* - Shades of a masterpiece? Hunter’s on a roll heading into the Mott The Hoople reunion.


*REVIEW: THE ROLLING STONES - DIRTY WORK/STEEL WHEELS/VOODOO LOUNGE AND MORE 4*- In-depth review of the Stones' midlife crisis years of the second batch of reissues from the stalwarts.

*DVD REVIEW: JEFF BUCKLEY - GRACE AROUND THE WORLD 4* - Compelling three-disc set, with documentary, live shows and more.

ALBUM REVIEW: PIXIES - MINOTAUR 3* - An opulent, inessential boxset, with not one note remastered.

ALBUM REVIEW: CORNERSHOP - JUDY SUCKS A LEMON FOR BREAKFAST 4* - The ’shop re-opens; business not quite as usual.

ALBUM REVIEW: TINARIWEN - IMIDIWAN: COMPANIONS 4* - True grit! The desert-bluesers’ fourth is raw, and all the better for it.

ALBUM REVIEW: DANGER MOUSE AND SPARKLEHORSE - DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL 4* - A self-bootleg? With a “visual narrative” by David Lynch.

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On the morning of July 29, 1966 Bob Dylan became distracted while out riding his Triumph motorbike. Writing about the incident later in Chronicles Volume 1, Dylan rather gnomically recalled, “I had been in a motorcycle accident and I’d been hurt, but I recovered.” Of course,...