Roger Daltrey: “Yeast tea keeps me rocking”

Roger Daltrey: “Yeast tea keeps me rocking”

Roger Daltry has announced details of his seventh annual series of concerts in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust – and The Who will be headlining the final show at the Royal Albert Hall on March 31.

In an interview with Virgin Radio, Daltrey – who originally had the idea for the concerts – also revealed the secret ingredient to his seemingly endless appetite for rock: a nice cuppa.

Daltrey says that he likes to drink tea made from yeast and Kombucha – that’s bacteria that resembles a mushroom, discovered in China 2000 years ago during the Qin Dynasty. It was originally thought to help the user to gain immortality.

He claims tea has helped him cope with The Who’s worldwide touring commitments. He told listeners: "It's things like Kombucha – and anything to keep you going. The shows are easy, it's the schlepping that gets hard."

He did however reiterate that he still loves performing with Townshend and co: "To be doing it at my age, this is brilliant. You know, I could be going and working at some car factory or some call centre… that would drive me insane."

Speaking about the forthcoming concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, the singer praised the current scene: “It’s the healthiest it's been since the ’60s. The quality of the music and the originality of the songwriting is fantastic."

Other performers headlining concerts in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust include Noel Gallagher, Kasabian and Russell Brand. The View and The Coral are also confirmed to play, with many other acts yet to be announced. The concerts start on March 26.

For further information and tickets for the TCT concerts – click here for the charity’s website


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