UB40 Sue Paris Hilton Over Copyright

UB40 Sue Paris Hilton Over Copyright

UB40’s record label, The Sparta Florida Music Group, are suing V2 Music Publishing, Warner Chappell Music and Paris Hilton’s songwriter/producer for £250,000 in damages in London's High Court.

The band claim that their classic song “Kingston Town” features heavily in Paris Hilton’s debut single “Stars Are Blind” and are suing her for breaching copyright laws.

The Sparta Music Group are going to use information from the internet and a musicologist, to prove that “Stars Are Blind” used a large amount of the UB40 1990 single.

UB40’s “Kingston Town”, written by Kendrick Patrick, reached number 4 in UK charts while “Stars Are Blind” released last year, reached number 5.

As Paris Hilton has been dropped from her record label, Warner Bros, she isn’t being sued directly. However, she is still in the wrong side of the law as she starts her 23-week sentence in Century Regional Detention Facility in Los Angeles today (June 4).

Click here for UB40's Kingston Town video promo

and here for Paris Hilton's song Stars Are Blind - what do you think?

YouTube user Superchorneur has helpfully laid out both tracks side by side here, just in case it wasn't abundantly clear

Pic credit: Rex Features


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