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U-Roy - Various Artists



As described in Tony Rounce's entertaining notes, U-Roy's 1970 Version Galore was, in reggae circles, "the Pet Sounds of its day". Exemplifying the DJ subculture of toasting hysterically over contemporary hits, it's still a fine work, rich in melody and now richer still in umpteen extras and a bonus disc of the un-toasted backings (including The Paragons' 1967 "The Tide Is High"). Meantime, Trojan's three-disc box set salutes the island's ex-pats working in England from '69 to '72: merrily mischievous covers of everything from "Tears On My Pillow" to a skanked-up "Tchaikovsky Piano Concert No 1".

Rating: 4 / 10


Editor's Letter

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One of the many privileges and occasional disorientations of working for a monthly music mag is that we hear some music so far ahead of release that it can be easy to forget when the albums actually come out. So while the world of Ty Segall-related projects might have moved on...