Unheard Thin Lizzy Live Album

Unheard Thin Lizzy Live Album

Thin Lizzy will release a new live album of their "UK Tour 75" including four unheard live tracks.

The original recordings were made over one night for broadcast on the radio and the pristine ¼" master tape has been transferred and re-mastered with the band’s supervision.

The 15-track album features the ‘classic’ Thin Lizzy lineup - Phil Lynott on vocals and bass guitar, Brian Downey on percussion, Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson playing dual lead guitar – performing at Derby College on November 21 1975.

“In 1975, the band had decided on a different attitude, to change to a harder rock sound,” said Brian Downey.

“The softer songs from the previous album ‘Nightlife’ were to be replaced by more stage-orientated songs, as we planned to put our rock’n’roll stamp on the next album ‘Fighting’.”

One of the rare tracks on the album is an early prototype version of the ‘Cowboy Song’ and a version of 'Little Darling', which was dropped from their live set soon after their 1975 tour.

The band had been on the road since releasingFighting a few months before they hit international success with Jailbreak.

The deluxe album includes a 20-page booklet of unseen photos, liner notes written by Brian Downey and extra material of the band jamming during their sound check.


‘Fighting My Way Back’
‘It’s Only Money’
‘Wild One’
‘For Those Who Love To Live’
‘Still In Love With You’
‘The Rocker’
‘Sha La La’
‘Baby Drives Me Crazy’
‘Me And The Boys’
‘Cowboy Song’
‘Little Darling’
‘Sound Check Jam’


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