Waterboys To Release Archive Album As Download

Waterboys To Release Archive Album As Download

The Waterboys have released an album of unreleased archive material Kiss The Wind through their website this week.

The album, only available as a download, features 16 tracks recorded between 1991 and 2006, spanning the Room To Roam, Dream Harder, Rock In The Weary Land and Universal Hall eras.

Kiss The Wind also includes the Waterboys' live version of the Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses", as well as a musical version of the WB Yeats poem 'The Stolen Child.'

Personally compiled by Mike Scott, the singer says: "There are so many Waterboys songs people have never heard, songs that didn't fit on the albums for whatever reason, or were recorded between albums, or were somehow out of time. It's a great feeling to sneak some of them out like this, direct to the public via download. And some of these are real favourites of mine, like Send Him Down To Waco and On My Way To The Big Light. Every time I hear them I think 'why aren't these on an album?' Now they are."

The Waterboys' Kiss The Wind full track listing is:

'Kiss The Wind'
'On My Way To The Big Light'
'Follow The Fellow Who Fiddles'
'Your Baby Ain’t a Baby Anymore'
'Let It Happen (1999)'
'I’ve Been In The Storm For You'
'Anatomy Of A Love Affair'
'Independence Day'
'John Coogan Is Going'
'Wild Horses (live)'
'Big Day Boogie / Always / Broken Ring'
'Martin Decent'
'Send Him To Waco'
'The Stolen Child (live)'
'This Old Boat'


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