Reading And Leeds Festivals boss: 'If The Smiths reformed, it would destroy their legacy'

Reading And Leeds Festivals boss: 'If The Smiths reformed, it would destroy their legacy'

The organiser of the Reading And Leeds Festivals has said he hopes The Smiths never reform as it would "destroy their legacy".

The beloved indie band split in 1987 and have batted away suggestions about a reformation ever since, with guitarist Johnny Marr recently joking to NME that he will only reform The Smiths if the current UK government steps down.

Melvin Benn, chief executive of organisers Festival Republic, has said that he would not be excited at the prospect of a reunion of the band and would be against it happening at all.

Asked about this, Benn told NME: "I think if The Smiths reformed it would destroy their legacy personally. I’m sure grown men would cry if it happened but I wouldn’t want to see them reforming."

Then asked if he had any qualms about Oasis reuniting, Benn said that he did not and he would happily book them again.

Speaking about this, he replied: "Hopefully there will come a day when Oasis do the same [reunite] but I hope it doesn’t come too soon. Oasis were just one of those bands where you walked away feeling happy. It was very rare you could go and watch Oasis and not have a great time. Whether we wait until 2015, 2020 or 2040 I don’t know, but it'd be nice if it happened at some point."


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