Soulwax Remix Rolling Stones Classic

Soulwax Remix Rolling Stones Classic

Electro duo, Soulwax have remixed the Rolling Stones’ classic “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” for the soundtrack to the new film, “21”.

The Belgian brothers behind Soulwax, David and Stephen Dewaele, had the original masters tapes delivered to them by armed guard for the remix, which begins with the infamous choral intro before skipping into a heavy electronic beat.

Initially, David Sardy, the score composer, used the original Stones’ version on the pivotal fade-to-black moment at the film’s close but felt that it didn’t quite fit with the rest of the soundtrack’s electro feel, which also features LCD Soundsystem, and Rihanna.

Despite receiving mixed reactions from fans and critics, Sardy insists the remix is in keeping with the spirit of the original track.

"It's definitely a dividing-line song," Sardy told the Hollywood Reporter. "If you're offended, you're of a certain age -- and if you're not, you're definitely of a certain age. But when you think of how offensive the Stones were when they arrived on the scene, it's full circle. It's rock 'n' roll."

What do you think? Listen to the track here.


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