Rolling Stones Ban From Blackpool Is Lifted!

Rolling Stones Ban From Blackpool Is Lifted!

The Rolling Stones have had their ban from playing at the English seaside resort Blackpool lifted it after 44 years.

The group have been outlawed since a show at the town's legendary Empress Ballroom in July 1964, when it descended into a riot, with 50 fans having to be treated for injuries.

The riot alledgedly kicked off when someone tried to spit at band member Brian Jones - with Keith Richards trying to stop it by kicking the man in the face, when the mass brawl kicked off resulting in damage to the venue's property.

Chandeliers, seating and the Steinway piano were all damaged, resulting in the town's decision to ban the band from ever returning to play.

However, current Blackpool council leader Peter Callow has nowsent a personal invitation to the legendary rockers to return to perform in the city.

He has said: “We are writing to the group to say the ban has been lifted and they are welcome to play here again.


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