The Police To Reform

The Police To Reform

Andy Summers, guitarist with The Police, has talked about the possibility of a reunion on the web.

In a recent podcast for Culturecatch, he has said that there have been rumblings about a band reunion, over 20 years after they split.

He says of the mooted reunion: “There are always rumblings, kind of like this ongoing tremor.”

He goes on to say that it is only frontman Sting who is holding up a reunion happening. “It’s Sting’s decision. He’s gotta do it when he feels ready, if he wants to do it.”

Summers has published an autobiography, “One Train Later", and group drummer Stewart Copeland has made a documentary, “Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out”, based on his time in The Police.

Both came out this year.

Meanwhile, Sting has just released a 16th century-styled classical album of lute music, “Songs From The Labyrinth”, to great acclaim.

Summers believes that if The Police reformed today, “I think we’d sell out every stadium in the world!”

To listen to Andy Summer’s Podcast – Click here


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