The Flying Burrito Brothers' Chris Ethridge dies

The Flying Burrito Brothers' Chris Ethridge dies

Chris Ethridge, bass player with The Flying Burrito Brothers, has died at the age of 65, from complications from pancreatic cancer according to the Los Angeles Times.

Ethridge also played with the Willie Nelson Family Band, and it was Nelson who confirmed news of his bandmate's death, via Twitter, writing:

WN&F are sad to hear of the passing of Family member & friend Chris Ethridge he was a talented musician & we were honored to call him Family

Last week, musician Booker T Jones wrote on Twitter: "Just talked to Chris Ethridge, (Burritos, Willie Nelson), hospitalized in Meridian, MS - send love and hope - doctors say he will pass soon."

Ethridge co-wrote a number of songs with fellow Flying Brother Brothers member Gram Parsons, who died in 1973, including Parson's solo track, 'She'. Both were also members of the International Submarine Band. The Flying Burrito Brothers released their debut album, The Gilded Palace of Sin, in 1969.

In the late 1970s, Ethridge became a well respected session player in the country rock world, working with the likes of Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, Ry Cooder and Leon Russell.

Ex-Byrd and Burrito Brother Chris Hillman said in a statement to the LA Times: “Here’s what people don’t know or don’t remember. Three of Gram’s greatest songs were co-written by Chris: those would be ‘Hot Burrito #1,’ ‘Hot Burrito #2’ and ‘She.’ And I’ve always said: Gram Parsons’ greatest recorded vocals were those two [‘Hot Burrito’] songs. Maybe it’s my opinion, but I was there and I know I never heard him sing better than he did on those two songs. He just nailed ‘em.”


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