The Fiery Furnaces unveil ‘Widow City’

The Fiery Furnaces unveil ‘Widow City’

Brother and sister duo The Fiery Furnaces have announced the release of their fifth album proper, “Widow City”.

The album, out October 15, is the follow up to 2006’s “Bitter Tea”, and once again sees Matthew Friedberger play all instruments except for the drums.

Recorded on the shores of Lake Michigan, “Widow City” was also produced by Matthew Friedberger and features tracks including “Ex-Guru” and “My Egyptian Grammar”.

A performance of new song "Japanese Slippers" can be found on YouTube.

While “Bitter Tea” heavily utilised the tack piano prevalent in honky-tonk music, “Widow City” similarly relies on the Chamberlain, a relative of the Mellotron, to provide the bedrock for many of the tracks.

The tracklisting is as follows:

“The Philadelphia Grand Jury”
“Duplexes Of The Dead”
“Automatic Husband”
“Clear Signal From Cairo”
“My Egyptian Grammar”
“The Old Hag Is Sleeping”
“Japanese Slippers”
“Navy Nurse”
“Uncle Charlie”
“Right By Conquest”
“Restorative Beer”
“Wicker Whatnots”
“Cabaret Of The Seven Devils”
“Pricked In The Heart”
“Widow City”


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