Doves and Magazine bring Manchester to the Electric Proms

Doves and Magazine bring Manchester to the Electric Proms

Doves adapted their back catalogue to be accompanied by the London Bulgarian Choir at their headline show at London's Roundhouse venue on Thursday (October 22).

Performing the unique show as part of this year's BBC Electric Proms festival, Doves led by Jimi Goodwin created special arrangements for the choir to sing.

Goodwin also explained that live set rarity, "Catch The Sun" was only dug out at the insistance of the choir singers. He told the crowd: "This next song we haven't played for years. So basically the choir bullied us into doing it because they love the arrangement so much."

Doves were supported by another hometown band, and their own musical inspiration, Magazine - who reformed this year.

Howard Devoto, resplendent in a pink suit, alongside original band members Barry Adamson, John Doyle and Dave Formula - treated fans to rare live outings of several single B-sides.

See Magazine performing 'Under The Floorboards' here: (UK readers only)

Magazine's Electric Proms set list was:

'Shot By Both Sides'
'Rhythm of Cruelty'
'A Song From Under The Floorboards'
'Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)'
'Sweetheart Contract'
'Feed The Enemy'
'Give Me Everything'
'The Book'
'20 Years Ago'
'The Light Pours Out of Me'
'I Love You, You Big Dummy'
'Give Me Everything'

Doves' Electric Proms set list was:

'Winter Hill'
'The Storm'
'Black And White Town'
'Sea Song'
'The Greatest Denier'
'Kingdom Of Rust'
'The Last Broadcast'
'Catch The Sun'
'Birds Fly Backwards'
'Cedar Room'
'There Goes The Fear'

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