The Clash “couldn’t have gone on… it was too intense”

The Clash “couldn’t have gone on… it was too intense”

The surviving members of The Clash explain how the group couldn’t conceivably have lasted much longer, as “it was too intense”, in the new issue of Uncut.

Drummer Topper Headon, speaking with Mick Jones and Paul Simonon in the new Uncut, dated October 2013 and out now, reveals that the band were always surprised when they made it through another week.

“The downside of making all that music and touring as much as we did was that we lived together for five or six years,” says Headon. “Every morning I’d wake up and know I was going to see Paul, Mick and Joe.

“And like in any relationship, things when they’re so intense are going to sour. You get fed up with each other. I think The Clash just ran its course and couldn’t have gone on much longer. It was just too intense.

“It was always, ‘Bloody hell! We’ve made it through another week.’”

The new issue of Uncut is out now.

Photo: Adrian Boot

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