Beatles To Be Available On An Ipod Near You

Beatles To Be Available On An Ipod Near You

The Beatles' back catalogue is set to be made available for download, their record label EMI confirmed via live webcast today (April 2).

This agreement has finally been made after the Apple Corps Vs Apple Inc - over who owned the famous 'Apple' name, logo and trademark, was resolved earlier this year.

The conference held by EMI, with Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs present was much speculated about since it's sudden announcement yesterday.

Until now, all recordings by the Fab Four have not been available on any MP3 format, and this deal means that their back catalogue will soon be downloadable from the Apple’s iTunes store – the biggest music download site in the world.

It is unclear how soon the material will be available however, EMI CEO Eric Nicoli confirmed they were "working on it."

With the demand for The Beatles in this format - demand could see the group have yet more chart toppers. The Fabs racked up a mammoth 17 No 1 singles between 1962 and 1969. Who would bet against them getting another?

Pic credit: Rex Features


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