The Alan Lomax Archive posted online

The Alan Lomax Archive posted online

The Alan Lomax Archive has been made available online by the Association for Cultural Equity, the nonprofit organization Lomax founded in the 1980s.

According to a report on, over 17,400 sound recordings have digitized and posted online by the Association.

Working from the 1930s to the Nineties, Lomax spent his career documenting folk music traditions from around the world. Speaking to, Don Fleming, executive director of the Association for Cultural Equity, said, "For the first time, everything that we've digitized of Alan's field recording trips are online, on our website. It's every take, all the way through. False takes, interviews, music."

"Alan would have been thrilled to death. He would've just been so excited," says Anna Lomax Wood, Lomax's daughter and president of the Association for Cultural Equity. "He would try everything. Alan was a person who looked to all the gambits you could. But the goal was always the same."

You can access The Alan Lomax Archive here.

Picture credit: Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images

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