Teardrop Explodes to re-release expanded version of Wilder album

Teardrop Explodes to re-release expanded version of Wilder album

The Teardrop Explodes are to re-release their second - and final - studio album, Wilder.

The album, which was originally released in November 1981, will be accompanied by a second disc compiled and sequenced by Julian Cope containing all the related singles, b-sides and BBC radio sessions. Cope also provides track by track sleeve notes, while his other band mates Dave Balfe and Troy Tate provide further notes.

Wilder will be released through Mercury/Universal Music Catalogue on June 24.

CD1 – Original Album

1. Bent Out Of Shape
2. Colours Fly Away
3. Seven Views Of Jerusalem
4. Pure Joy
5. Falling Down Around Me
6. The Culture Bunker
7. Passionate Friend
8. Tiny Children
9. Like Leila Khaled Said
10. … And The Fighting Takes Over
11. The Great Dominions

CD2 – B-Sides and BBC Sessions

1. Christ Versus Warhol (B-side ‘Passionate Friend’)
2. Rachael Built A Steamboat (B-side ‘Tiny Children’)
3. Suffocate (B-side ‘You Disappear From View’)
4. Window Shopping For A New Crown Of Thorns (B-side ‘Colours Fly Away’)
5. Ouch Monkeys (B-side ‘You Disappear From View’)
6. East Of The Equator (B-side ‘Colours Fly Away’)
7. Sleeping Gas (Live from Club ZOO, December 1981) (B-side ‘Tiny Children’)
8. The In-Psychlopedia (B-side ‘You Disappear From View’)
9. You Disappear From View
10. Soft Enough For You (B-side ‘You Disappear From View’)
11. Pure Joy Wins Out Again (BBC Session, Peel Plus, 1981)
12. Like Leila Khaled Said (BBC Session, Peel Plus, 1981)
13. I’m Not The Loving Kind (BBC Session, Richard Skinner, August 1981)
14. The Culture Bunker (BBC Session, Peel Plus, 1981)
15. …And The Fighting Takes Over (BBC Session, Richard Skinner, August 1981)
16. Better Scream / Make That Move (BBC Session, Richard Skinner, August 1981
17. Bent Out Of Shape (BBC Session, Richard Skinner, August 1981)
18. Screaming Secrets (BBC Session, Richard Skinner, August 1981)

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