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Bowie was among the first to appreciate the added resonances the video format offered to music, and with customary prescience and élan he made it his own while others dithered. Forty-seven tracks here range from simple, iconic early efforts ("Life On Mars?") through subversive gender-bending ("Boys Keep Swinging") to dreamlike era-definition ("Ashes To Ashes", every New Romantic's fave). There's a knowing strain of self-parody which peaks with the nosebleed of "Loving The Alien" and schizo role-playing of the hilarious "Blue Jean". More recent stuff remains wildly imaginative.

Also included is what can only be described as 'classic' footage from The Old Grey Whistle Test ("Five Years" is just one standout), Pennebaker's Ziggy movie and a bizarre "Young Americans" from US TV's Dick Cavett Show. Only "Golden Years" is absent. Everyone will have their highlight: mine's the scene in the eerily prophetic "DJ" where he's accosted by fans and spontaneously rumbas with them. Still the coolest man alive.


EXTRAS: None. But as this is a 46-track, two-disc set in the first place, we'll let the great Dame off on that one.

Rating: 5 / 10

Retail dvd (emi records uk, full screen)


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