Interview: Solomon Burke

Interview: Solomon Burke

UNCUT: Were you surprised by the success of Don't Give Up On Me?

SOLOMON BURKE: I'm still amazed people remembered and didn't give up on me. It was a special record at a special moment in my life that I'll always cherish.

How did you choose the songs?

I got real lucky because Don Was was there to help. Initially we chose 47 songs and then got it down from there to what you hear on the record..

And 40 years after the Stones covered you, here you are covering them...

I don't know how I had the audacity!

Did Dr John write the title track especially for you?

Yes, and he delivered it in person. I'll never forget it because it was the day Ray Charles died.

With Ray gone, does that make you the last of the great soul survivors?

That's a heavy thought but it's an incredible moment in time for me just to be here.

Interview by Nigel Williamson


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