Snow Patrol and REM supergroup 'is a dark tale of bad deeds'

Snow Patrol and REM supergroup 'is a dark tale of bad deeds'

[b]Snow Patrol[/b] frontman [b]Gary Lightbody[/b] has described his debut album with supergroup [b]Tired Pony[/b], which includes [b]REM[/b]'s [b]Peter Buck[/b], as a "dark tale of bad deeds".

[b]'The Place We Ran From'[/b] was recorded in one week with [b]Bloc Party[/b] producer [b]Garret 'Jacknife' Lee[/b], and all the songs were laid down in first or second takes.

"There's quite a lot of blood dripping from this record," [b]Lightbody[/b] told [b]Uncut's[/b] sister publication [b]NME[/b]. "You have to go really deep into the record before you find it, but it's there. There's quite a lot of dark tales of bad deeds."

[b]Lightbody[/b] recruited a host of guest stars to feature on the album, including [b]Buck[/b], [b]Editors[/b] frontman [b]Tom Smith[/b], [b]Snow Patrol[/b] touring member [b]Troy Stewart[/b], [b]Snow Patrol[/b] collaborator [b]Iain Archer[/b] and [b]Belle & Sebastian[/b] drummer [b]Richard Colburn[/b].

"I had no idea if the music was going to be country, folk, blues or whatever," explained [b]Buck[/b], after signing on for the project. "I was prepared for a punk record, I brought my mandolin. As long as it was spontaneous and improvised, it sounded like a very exciting thing to do."

"It was a loose-limbed idea of mine to get people together to record a bunch of songs I'd been writing," added [b]Lightbody[/b]. "But when I got in the studio I realised the songs we were writing there were better than the ones I'd already written."

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