Sinead O'Connor: 'A naked Playboy shoot is on my bucket list'

Sinead O'Connor: 'A naked Playboy shoot is on my bucket list'

Sinead O’Connor has revealed that she would like to do naked shoot for Playboy magazine before she dies.

Speaking to Word magazine – via Digital Spy - the singer said: "There's so much I [would have] liked to do when I was younger and I was too miserable and Irish. A Playboy shoot is on my bucket list."

She continued: "And I like the idea of doing some interview in weird sex gear, talking about something really serious. The economy! You can talk about serious issues while you're bollock naked, on all fours, in your dog collar!"

The singer has just released a new album, 'How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?', and will embark on an UK tour in March.

Sinead O'Connor recently admitted that she took an overdose days before issuing a cry for help on Twitter.

The singer, who had asked her followers on the social networking site to help her find a doctor and confessed that she was feeling "unwell and in danger", told The Sun that she had taken an overdose in Los Angeles.

The singer's cry for help came one week after she announced that she and her new husband, Barry Herridge, had reconciled after calling off their marriage just days after tying the knot in Las Vegas.


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