Sinéad O'Connor says Miley Cyrus fans are urging her to commit suicide

Sinéad O'Connor says Miley Cyrus fans are urging her to commit suicide

Sinéad O'Connor has claimed that she has received threatening messages from Miley Cyrus fans urging her to commit suicide since publishing her open letter urging the pop star not to let the music industry take advantage of her.

The latest exchange in a week-long war of words between the pair, O'Connor addresses the dangers in mocking people with mental health problems in another lengthy letter published on her website, and calls on Cyrus to apologise to both herself and the actress Amanda Bynes, whom Cyrus referred to in earlier Twitter posts about the Irish singer.

"As a result of what you did I have had numerous communications from people urging me to commit suicide," O'Connor writes. "Not to mention I have been the subject of literally thousands of abusive articles and or comments left after articles, which state that I and therefore all perceived mentally ill people, should be bullied and be invalidated." Read the full post here.

Cyrus and O'Connor had a disagreement last week after O'Connor published an open letter warning Cyrus not let the music industry make a "prostitute" out of her. Cyrus has since been criticised by mental health charities for mocking O'Connor's battles with psychological illnesses over the years, although O'Connor subsequently claimed that their spat was "over".

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