Sex Pistols 30th Anniversary Sees New Vinyl Reissues

Sex Pistols 30th Anniversary Sees New Vinyl Reissues

A series of vinyl reissues are to to be released this October to celebrate the 30th anniversary of 'Never Mind The Bollocks... Here's The Sex Pistols'.

Four limited edition classic punk singles including 'Anarchy In The UK' and 'God Save The Queen' will be released weekly in the run up to the album's re-release on heavyweight vinyl on October 28. All editions will have their original Jamie Reid artwork faithfully restored.

'Never Mind The Bollocks.. Here's The Sex Pistols' will come with a 7" of 'Submission' just as the original October '77 release did.

The original album was released without the track due to a problem with French imports, the band insisting that the track be included meant that the first 50,000 copies in the UK came with a one-sided 7".

The full tracklistings are as follows:

'Anarchy In The UK' (October 1)
A-side: Anarchy In The UK
B-side: I Wanna Be Me

'God Save The Queen' (October 8)
A-side: God Save The Queen
B-side: Did You No Wrong

'Pretty Vacant' (October 15)
A-side: Pretty Vacant
B-side: No Fun

'Holidays In The Sun' (October 22)
A-side: Holidays In The Sun
B-side: Satellite

'Never Mind The Bollocks.. Here's The Sex Pistols' (October 29)
1. Holidays In The Sun
2. Bodies
3. No Feelings
4. Liar
5. God Save The Queen
6. Problems

1. Seventeen
2. Anarchy In The UK
3. Pretty Vacant
4. New York
5. EMI (Unlimited Edition)

1. Submission


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