Send us your questions for Loudon Wainwright III

Send us your questions for Loudon Wainwright III

As he prepares to release his new album Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet), Loudon Wainwright III is set to answer your questions in Uncut as part of our regular Audience With… feature.

So is there anything you’ve always wanted to ask the legendary singer songwriter?

What are his memories of appearing opposite Jasper Carrott on Carrott Confidential during the 1980s?
How does he feel now about being described as "the new Bob Dylan"in the early Seventies?
How did he get cast in Judd Apatow's Knocked Up?

Send up your questions by noon, Thursday, June 5 to The best questions, and Loudon's answers, will be published in a future edition of Uncut magazine. Please include your name and location with your question.

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